Providing Overseas Connections

Professionals Conducting Business in the U.S. and Overseas

Job Satisfaction of Offshore Employees

Outsourcing has changed the face of international business. Several major American corporations have a base in Asian countries, with India leading the pack. There are several factors that have Continue Reading

Culture Friendly Advertizing

Businesses rely heavily on advertizing to promote their products and increase sales. Advertizing is generally aimed at conveying a loud and clear message to the widest consumer base possible. It is Continue Reading

Ensuring profitability on your exports

People expect to make a lot of money by selling their products in foreign markets where competition is low and demand for their product is good. There are several factors that influence the success Continue Reading

Safeguarding your exports from fraud

Exporting your products to foreign shores can be a highly profitable venture if conducted in a wise manner. Just putting a high margin on your product cost and sending it off to the target isn’t Continue Reading

Tips for Conducting International Business

In today’s global economy, nearly every U.S. business is conducting some form of its business operations in overseas markets. If your business is still local, but your interested in expanding its Continue Reading

Dealing With Grey Areas in Business Ethics

Conducting business overseas does not come without the occasional risk. Corruption is present everywhere, and businesses need to be aware of that, especially when working in foreign countries. Continue Reading

Exporting Overseas: Responding to Inquiries

It’s takes hard work to keep a company running successfully, especially with the shakiness of the current economy. Exporting your company’s goods and services is a great way to build your Continue Reading

Exporting Overseas: Researching Potential Clients

When deciding to take your business overseas through the exportation of your goods and services, it’s very important to have a client list or, at the very least, know how to conduct research into Continue Reading

Conducting Business in the U.S.: Getting Ready

If you’re running a business outside of the United States, expanding your business practice or exporting your goods and services to the markets in the U.S. is a good idea. As with any kind of Continue Reading

Tips for Managing Overseas Suppliers

In our vastly globalized economy, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses—especially smaller ones—that are using overseas suppliers as part of their business plan to learn how to Continue Reading